First, Watch the UK CPI Trade Video Below:

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Read these excited comments from our UK CPI traders:

Sutan M: "Dude, I just hit on all three for 95 pips… this is amazing.. by far the best investment I have made in the forex market in 1 1/2 years!"

John L: "1st timer here: 42 pips....SWEEEEET!"

Gill M: "total of 96 pips in 3 bites on straddle"

Ed H: "Woooooooohoooooooo!!!!! It's days like this that we really love you Dustin"

Scott W: "I took almost 50 off that"

Barry B: "Nice spike. I got in on the straddle and took about 45 pips!"

Johnny K: 33 pips and 47 pips :)

Michael D: " …for 46 pips times 2 lots, for 92 pips total"

Susan F: "Hi Dustin, this is the first time I have experienced a news trade. WOW! doesn't it go FAST."

Alan H: "The one I made 53 [pips] with was spreadbet"

Patrick P: "40 pips!"

Then, Watch the Exciting and Eye-Opening Webinar Replay Below, then Take Action to Secure Your Spot!

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From the Desk of Dustin Pass:
Creator of OracleTrader and Founder of
January 17, 2011

Dear Fellow Trader,

The OracleTrader software is the first service I revealed to the general public as a professional Forex trader, and it has exceeded everyone's wildest expectations! Brokers are furious, but traders are ecstatic!

Now, almost 5 years later, and tens millions of dollars of profits earned by subscribers, this method is making select traders around the world hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

OracleTrader's sniper-like effectiveness is based in part on keeping the distribution of it very small, to just a few thousand traders worldwide.

But here's your chance to get in: right now OracleTrader is being offered once again, this time with a "soup to nuts" trading course - OracleTrader Advanced Curriculum, that will show you how to trade along with me using the OracleTrader software, for explosive and consistent gains.. like nothing you've never experience before, or will again! In the course I also reveal every secret I have for making this type of trading a sustainable, income producing business, if that's what you want.

My blood, sweat, and tears went into creating OracleTrader, all to make you wealthy through currency trading. All I ask is that you give yourself a chance at true success by trying this powerful tool if you feel that it has merit.

Read, consider, evaluate, then TAKE ACTION. If you don't you might be kicking yourself for years, if not decades, to come. Success is knocking, open the door - you won't regret it!

Dedicated to Your Financial Success,

It's true - work with OracleTrader for a short time and you will be shocked, amazed, and grinning ear to ear, with MORE MONEY IN YOUR TRADING ACCOUNT! And I will prove it! In fact, this website is nothing but proof. If after seeing all of the evidence, if you aren't 'chomping at the bit' to take part, then you are either a die-hard (and probably broke) skeptic, just plain nuts, or very rich! (and even some 'silver spoon' types trade this way just for bragging rights with their buddies)! In fact, since its creation over four years ago by me, Dustin Pass, this method has never resulted in a losing month. You read that right: NO LOSING MONTHS of TRADING in nearly FIVE YEARS!

You've Seen The Training Videos Where We Predict Market Direction Well Ahead Of Time. And We 'Predict' Exactly When It Will Happen!

In reality, there's no magic or mystery to it, just scheduled government economic news releases coupled to multiple lightning fast data connections, and an amazing piece of software that will trade for you, long or short, so you profit no matter which way the market moves!

If you haven't yet seen the introductory and training videos, watch these two videos below in sequence.

Together they will show you 99% of what you need to know about how it works and why you should register today as an OracleTrader!

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The first video shows you how I predict THE DAY BEFORE that the market is going to move at the exact time that it actually moves, and then watch what happens. You'll be amazed! Remember, I've been doing this weekly for over five years!.. so I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that it works, and can make you rich!

In this second video below, you'll see exactly how this is possible, and show you numerous details of how this all works as one smooth PROFIT-PRODUCING PROCESS!

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Do you see how this works? You simply select which news report you want to trade, set a few simple parameters based on your trading style and the type of trading station software you use (provided by your broker), and watch as OracleTrader executes in the right direction, putting the broker's money into your trading account!

Sometimes it happens so fast, you barely see it happen, but you'll know when you check your account balance - it'll be larger! Brokers hate it, but OracleTraders laugh all the way to the bank!

Now The Only Question Is, Does It Really Work Over The Long Term, And Do REAL PEOPLE Make Money At This?


Let's hear from OracleTraders themselves. Play the videos to hear about their success using the ORACLETRADER software (this video references Trading Live on the News and the RSS software, which is the older product name, we renamed it OracleTrader to reflect it's ability to accurately and consistently predict marjet direction)..

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  OracleTrader  Forex Testimonial 1

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Listen for a Moment to Barry's Story - He Started with Just $300 Left in His Trading Account After Burning Through 5k!.. Then He Found OracleTrader and Now Makes His Living From It!

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That's right, he makes his living from OracleTrader and has now for years!

If you are working a day job, or worse yet - two or more jobs, this absolutely can be your ticket out of 9-5 hell! Be your own boss, just like Barry, and have more free time than you know what to do with!

Like we said, OracleTrader is a life-changer!

"Find Out What It's Like to Buy a Car With Cash From the Proceeds of a Single Trade!"

Let's step through a "year in the life" of an OracleTrader user. We have chosen one of the major monthly news releases - the UK Retail Sales Release. As usual, in every month of 2009, we recorded the news release events as they unfolded in the OracleTrader Profit Center.

We cannot "cherry-pick" or modify this data - it's all captured here on video - the good, the bad, and the ugly, so you are GUARANTTED an unvarnished, "no-spin" look at what has happened with this one release. Of course, this is just one of many that typically deviates enough, and therefore moves the market significantly enough to meet our recommended "safe" triggers.

Watch each video below, in order:

May 2009 UK Retail Sales Release

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Summary: This is our first example and provides two great illustrations. The first is that there are outside factors that can impact the market and you need to be aware of those factors. The second is the benefits of the OracleTrader Profit Center (the trade room). Moody's had just downgraded the UK and we had a huge move which occurred before the data was even released. For these two reasons we increased our deviation requirements substantially which kept us from trading the initial spike saving us from a dud trade. In addition to that we ended up taking a post news trade which yielded substantial profits for those listening in at the Profit Center. So this is a case of the software protecting us from a bad trade scenario, but my personal advice based on years of experience saving the day to help subscribers enjoy a substantial gains!

OracleTrader  Forex Testimonial 1

June 2009 UK Retail Sales Release

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Summary: In June we had another one of those phenomenal moves that really remind us why we spend so much time (all of 15 minutes a day :-) ) doing this news trading thing. We actually had a technical pattern forming that very much supported the data so we actually held on to this and picked up close to 60 pips! This was greatly due to having substantial deviations in both the Yearly number as well as the Monthly numbers and no conflicting revisions. This is a classic "mining money" trade made possibly by OracleTrader with AutoClick enabled!

OracleTrader  Forex Testimonial 1

July 2009 UK Retail Sales Release

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Summary: This particular release saw quite a bit of deviation, however there were data revisions that conflicted with the trade. The OracleTrader software actually notified us through a audible alert indicating that there was conflicting data so that we knew to close our position down promptly and take the 25 pips of profit that we saw. The move was sustained which provided us plenty of time to get out of it, however due to the revisions we didn't see the market move as far as we would have like to.

August 2009 UK Retail Sales Release

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Summary: August had no deviation at all from what was expected so this was not a viable trade opportunity. But it is still a great example of positive deviation affecting the GBP/USD in a positive way. You will also notice the move was relatively limited. Hopefully by now you are seeing the consistent correlation between a large deviation causing a large move and that the direction has a correlation to the deviation being higher or lower.

September 2009 UK Retail Sales Release

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Summary: In September we only saw .1 in deviation so OracleTrader recommended a " no trade", although as a' trader you are free to set your own deviation triggers, and some traders made pips with this one. This month also illustrates how data revisions and the Retail Sales YOY can impact the market - it's another example of negative deviation having a sell biased on the GBP/USD?

October 2009 UK Retail Sales Release


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Summary: This month we had another great move, over 60 pips, and the move was sustained for several minutes. We ended up closing half of our position with around 50 pips of profit, but I advised traders to hang in for a bigger gain. Most traders then got "stopped out" with around 30 pips on the rest of their position. This is the type of scenario where my advice in the Profit Center really pays extra 'dividends'!

November 2009 UK Retail Sales Release

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Summary: In November the data wasn't strong enough from what was anticipated, so we didn't get a signal to trade.' However this is a great example that illustrates how revisions can impact the market. Despite having a no trade we still got a decent move from the revisions alone. Now this move was not a sustained move and fortunately for us the OracleTrader kept us out of the market. You can see how without OracleTrader this would have been a potentially dangerous scenario for traders.

December 2009 UK Retail Sales Release


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Summary: This particular release provided a HUGE move for traders and provided great opportunity, we had close to 1 percent in deviation. Not only was this move huge it was also sustained. These are the types of trades we all look forward to, join us in the "pip party"!

January 2010 UK Retail Sales Release

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Summary: In January we had -.8 in deviation in the report, which, as expected, pushed down the GBP/USD and had a great move of over 40 Pips down. This move was supported by a revision of previous month's data, as well as the Retail Sales yearly number. This is a classic OracleTrader trade! Easy pips!


February 2010 UK Retail Sales Release

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Summary: In February we had .7 percent in "negative deviation" which was once again bad for the British Pound, and so in trading the GBP/USD pair, we saw another move down of over 40 pips. This move was not nearly as sustainable so it was necessary to close down fairly quickly, but thanks to the OracleTrader we were aware of the additional data which caused the 'whipsaw' move. Many trades have experienced loses from these type of moves without even understanding why it happens, but OracleTrader again advised accurately and prevented needless loss.


March 2010 UK Retail Sales Release

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Summary: In March we saw a phenomenal move when we had over 1 percent in deviation! This move was very fast and we had several traders report profits up to 50 pips. We were alerted to revisions immediately which provided us with the information we needed to decide to close out right away, and not try and "ride this one to the end" for more profits, which can be dangerous. Fortunately OracleTrader and my live commentary provides you guidance to let you know when it's best to lock in profits without needless risk.


April 2010 UK Retail Sales Release

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Summary: In April 2010 we had very little deviation between the projected numbers and the actual numbers. There was also a revision in the report numbers from the previous month that came out simultaneously, creating a slightly more complex trading scenario. The revision data was in opposition to the current data. OracleTrader picked up on this and alerted subscribers to NOT trade, keeping traders out of what would have been a losing trade.

As you can see each and every month OracleTrader helps traders either earn substantial profits or avoid dangerous trade scenarios. In some cases, the OracleTrader Profit Center advice is absolutely critical and can return large pip gains even when the deviation triggers are not met!

OracleTrader  Forex Testimonial 1

' That Was Just One of Dozens of Monthly News Releases!
So What About The Total Monthly Track Record of This Simple and Straightforward Trading Method That Requires Virtually No Understanding of The Forex Market or Any Technical Analysis Skills?

Well, the sky is the limit, but it is not uncommon for OracleTrader users to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, building their wealth, living the lifestyle they want. Exactly how well you do is up to you based on how much time you have to trade and how you set your own deviation triggers, but suffice it to say if you put some effort into it, your life and lifestyle will change dramatically!

You probably want to know if this is going to work for you long-term?..

'An emphatic "YES"!!

Below is a chart of the OracleTrader results to date, month after month since 2006:

Monthly Recorded Pips from OracleTrader
Profit Center:

Shocking and Amazing - No Losing Months!!

"Lightening Fast Trade Execution In The RIGHT Direction, Nearly Every Time? - That's Right - It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This' It's Like Minting Your Own Money!"

What this means to you is that if you had started out with me in January of 2006 and had $2,000 to start with, and reinvested your profits, and used conservative leverage and risk, you would now be sitting on well over $260,000!

Of course the total varies greatly, but YOU are in control of how much money you make with OracleTrader.

OracleTrader  Forex Testimonial 1

We have literally hundreds of recorded videos of successful trade sessions from nearly four and a half years of trading, and while we have the rare losing session, we have never had a losing month!

You will NOT find any other Forex system, strategy, method, software, or signaling service that can claim that track record, and back it up with verifiable proof!

"How Do I Know That You Aren't Doctoring or Cherry-Picking the Data?"

Glad you asked!.. Here's the facts: These news releases come out on a set schedule, and the analysts expectations are well-documented as a matter of public record. When the news releases come out, the actual data is also entered into the public record. The amount of deviation is calculated and also well documented all across the world on the Internet. To validate how the market moved for any given news release, you simply have to look it up - we can't lie about this stuff.

The only thing we cannot control is how much money you trade with, and whether or not your trade gets executed by your broker, but everything else is "on the record" for the whole world to see.

Not to mention we record on video each and every trade call that takes place in the Profit Center, and we have many years of videos posted on our site, for you to watch.

When you register for Profit Center, you will have access to our vast database of historical information and my video library of past trades to use for your own study.

"Can You See Why Brokers HATE this Software?.. And Why They Do NOT Want This Software To Be Released In Large Numbers ?
Because When YOU WIN - They Lose!

But I simply do not care about whining brokers!

Despite their pleadings, I am making this available to you at this time, at a very unbelievable, 'never to return' amount!"

This Is Why You Should Act IMMEDIATELY to Participate:

Here's the thing: if everyone had access to this method, it would stop working because brokers would go out of business, and brokers make the Forex markets.

By definition, OracleTrader works best when only a relatively small handful of traders know about it, because when traders win, brokers lose, and brokers don't like to be on the losing side of a trade.

That's why I am opening this offer for a very short time, and only making this site known to a small, select list of traders.

I consider it an honor and a privilege to share this with fellow traders, but in order to serve you best, I have to keep the number of subscribers pretty small.

You are now in the right place at the right time. It's not often in life that you can say that.

This is where you "create luck" - by moving forward decisively when the potential upside is huge, and the potential downside is less than minimal.

You owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to take advantage of this opportunity. You will join an elite group of traders who have this "insider" information. Only in this case, your "insider" trading is completely legal!

"20 Pips!.. 90 Pips!.. 200 Pips!.. Time After Time, Trade After Trade! Your Account Balance Will Grow Consistently!"

If you are ready to get started'

Here Is How You Can Join the Small Number of Select OracleTraders (the People Who You Hear Me Talking To On The Trade Call Videos Above):

To ensure that you get the most out of my trading method and ORACLETRADER software, I have created a six session course with the help of an adult education expert, to be offered through the International Investor Institute. The Institute was founded by me specifically to bring the highest standards of adult education to the Forex industry.

The course is called OracleTrader Advanced Curriculum, and it will teach you everything you need to know.

In Just A Few Clicks, You'll Be Poised To Trade Like I Do, With The Same Gains And Account Growth!"

In fact, the curriculum was created for someone who has never made a Forex trade, to teach them everything they need to know to be highly profitable, building an incredible trading track record that will be the envy of any Forex trader!

Believe it or not, the hardest thing about using OracleTrader is knowing when to get out of a trade.

Right now you might be wondering "how much profit to take? Should I get out all at once, or phase my exit to ride the run to the very end?"

Well, that's what the OracleTrader Advanced Curriculum is for - so you have a solid grasp of the nuances and "tricks" you can use to get more profit out of the software.

"Dustin, How Can I Make Even MORE Money? Can I'"

'Trade With Multiple Brokers To Multiply Your Success? - Heck YES!
'Set Up Multiple Dealing Stations To Trade Several Currency Pairs That React In The Same Way To A Single News Report? - You Better Believe It!
'Adjust The Software So It Has The Highest Probability of Executing A Winning Trade? - ABSOLUTELY!

That's why you want to attend the OracleTrader Advanced Curriculum course! This is one class that you will NOT want to skip!

In fact, in the eight-module course I am going to share with you every single tip, trick, and tactic that I developed over the last five years to help you become as wealthy as possible, with as little stress as possible.

In addition, we contacted some of our most successful OracleTrader users to gather their input on what beginning OracleTrader users need to know to become as successful as possible, as fast as possible, to support themselves and their families trading as their sole source of income.' but you have to take action to become an OracleTrader user to benefit.

Here's What You Need To Know For Now About What's In The OracleTrader Advanced Curriculum Course:

How You'll Benefit
Module Module I ' Understanding the Forex Market   Ensures You Have The Basics With No "Expensive" Gaps In Your Knowledge
Module II ' Navigating Currency Charts and Dealing Stations   Makes Sure You Know Your Tools And How to Profit From Them!
Module III ' Mastering Fundamental Analysis and News Trading   Gives You The Background Knowledge To Become An Independent Trader Equipped For Success!
Module IV ' Exploring the Oracle Trader   OracleTrader Is Your New Best Friend - Know How It Works!
Module V ' Executing Trades with Oracle Trader   Execution Is Key - This Module Helps You Get The Highest "Execution Rate" At The Best Order Price!
Module VI ' Advanced Applications of Oracle Trader   Advanced Strategies That Turn Previously Unsuccessful Traders Into Long-Term. Highly Successful, Wealth-Generating Entrepreneurs!
Module VII ' The Next Level   How to Multiple Your Results Exponentially
Module VIII ' News Trading as a Business   How to Maximize Your Income, Get the Best Order Execution, and Make Trading Your Business

The beginning Forex trader would be best served by completing all eight modules in the listed sequence, because it is going to get you up to speed" as rapidly as possible.

You'll learn the basic of Forex trading in general, and of course everything you need to know about using OracleTrader.

If You're an experienced Forex trader who is new to "news trading", you could save a little time and begin at module 4, though a review of the basics of successful Forex trading presented by the best Forex education company in the industry is always a helpful thing!

The training is not intense or difficult, but it is necessary for you to be empowered to succeed with this method. Each module will begins with a series of questions used to gauge your need of that particular module.

If you can answer each question correctly, the client can confidently move on to the next module in the sequence.

So How Much to Get Started?

The course is being offered through III for $2,900, but as part of this very limited offer, your investment is going to be REDUCED SUBSTANTIALLY, so you'll have maximum funds to trade with, to multiply into a magnificent sum!

Of course you also get as part of this package the OracleTrader software WITH THE AUTOCLICK FEATURE ENABLED. Without this feature, it is challenging to get the rapid execution you need to make the truly massive profits.

After all, getting this information sooner than nearly everyone else is a major advantage, and you'll want to leverage this advantage by having the OracleTrader software automatically execute your trades (assuming your defined trade parameters / triggers are met).

Otherwise, you'd be giving up this major advantage needlessly.

And don't worry - I provide recommended deviations / triggers on all of the largest and most profitable news releases.

You're also going to get six (6) full months' access to the OracleTrader Profit Center (trade room), which I open every time an important scheduled news release takes place.

Profit Center is where you will use the software to trade along with me.

So not only will you get the software and access you need, but you will get the instruction and demonstration you need to confidently trade along with us.

The Advanced Curriculum education is worth $2,900! Remember, most half-baked courses offered by failed traders are easily $5,000, which is money flushed down the toilet!

But this professionally produced course (created by one of the most successful traders in the business) at $2,900 is an incredible value, but (today) you won't pay anything close to that. In fact, it's practically free!

OracleTrader  Forex Testimonial 1


Top 10 Reasons You Need to Register for OracleTrader Today:

10) This Trading Method Is Unique In The Forex World - No One Else Has It!

9) The Effectiveness Of OracleTrader Has A 5+ Years Track Record With Cold, Hard, Incontrovertible PROOF!

8) There Is NO EASIER WAY To Make Successful Trades In Less Time, With Perfect Timing!

7) Multiple Trade Opportunities Per Week!

6) The AutoClick Feature Gives You Lightning Fast Trade Execution - In The Right Direction!

5) Access Is Very Limited, Registration Is Open Only For A Short Time!

4) This Is an Incredible Value with a HUGE ROI!

3) No Additional Billing Of Any Sort for One Full Year!

2) Live Trade Room Access So You Can Learn How To Fine Tune Your Results To Squeeze Out Every Last Pip!

1) It's So Easy, Your Grandma Could Do It!

Bonus Reason: Limited Quantity Bonuses, see list below.

"This Is One Wealth-Building Tool That You Want In Your Hip Pocket At All Times!"

By this time next week, you could be thousands of dollars ahead because of the news releases that are coming out nearly every day. And each of these represents a trade opportunity.

Do all news releases result in huge gains? No, because sometimes the data matches analysts expectations, so it doesn't cause a ripple in the market. BUT ENOUGH OF THEM DO so you can profit BIG TIME every week!

In fact, I've made hundreds of thousands of dollars every year for the past few years trading with this software. And you will learn everything I know about this method.

"This Trading Method Isn't Effortless - But the Closest Thing To It! You Don't Need to Know How to Read Charts, Understand Fibonacci Ratios, or Any of That!"

My results speak volumes, more than I ever could. The results of my subscribers are clearly stellar, and there has never been a better time to trade the news.

In Just A Few Clicks, You'll Be Poised To Trade Like Dustin, With The Same Gains And Account Growth!"

If You Still Have Any Doubts Whatsoever About OracleTrader, Play the Audios Below Now:

Egan is now trading 11 standard lots and never a loss!
Now hear from Pat, who is a novice trader from North Carolina, who has made over a 300% return and can't say enough good things about the software and how quickly it pulls in money for him:


Now that your doubts are resolved, let's talk about bonuses for taking action right now...

Bonus Package: *Limited Quantities

Here's What Is Included in This Package:

OracleTrader Advanced Curriculum Course
($2,900 value)
6 Months OracleTrader Software and Profit Center
($2,214 value)
OracleTrader Trade Manager
Dustin Pass's Fully Documented Swing Trade Strategy
Straddle Trader Software and Course
(soon $2,000!)



Total Package Value: $12,521!


But You Must Act Quickly...

OracleTrader Package Priority Enrollment Form Get Started in Time to Take Advantage of This Week's Major News Releases!

Sign me up, Dustin! OracleTrader is the Ideal simple, proven, long-term success solution because I am so ready to finally BEAT the Market - without slaving over charts for hours on end!

I understand that:

  • When I register, I will get full access to the OracleTrader Software with the AUTOCLICK Feature enabled, allowing me to execute trades automatically the instant the market reacts to the news releases! I will be paying roughly HALF of what this package is worth!
  • This price WILL increase in the immediate future and I am only guaranteed this price if I place my order today.

  • I will also receive the OracleTrader Advanced Curriculum 8-Module Course, and I agree to do my best to apply what I have learned to my trading to maximize my profits!
  • I will also be given 6 months of full access to the OracleTrader Profit Center, which is a live trade room where I will get further instruction, insight, and advice on how to fine tune my software settings to increase profits.
  • As long as I remain a member in good standing, my access to the OracleTrader software and OracleTrader Profit Center will continue at the start of the thirteenth month at a guaranteed rate of $149, never to go up!
  • Even though this software has well over five years of history without a single losing trading month, that it is possible to have a losing trading month, and I accept this risk.
  • You have made NO promises or guarantees that I will produce any specific return, result or income as a result of my enrollment in this course. I realize that my efforts, my trades, and market conditions are unique, and my results may vary from those shown or implied.
  • Limited Time Bonuses Available: Click HERE to view available bonuses (*limited in quantity, bonuses listed at the link are available at this time and are guaranteed when you place your order).

You've Seen How It Works!'
... You've Seen The Documented Results!'
... You've Heard From Other Traders Like You Who Love This Service!...
... You've Been Presented With The Best , Most Affordable Offer Ever Created For This Service!...
...You Can Get This Service Nowhere Else, only Here!...

Now Is Your Time To Act!

Click The GET STARTED Button Above To Join This Elite Group Of Traders Who Are Making A Killing, Legally!

"Stop Being Jealous of Wealthy Investors, and Start Being One of Them!"

Dedicated to Your Financial Success
 - Dustin Pass

P.S: If you are having doubts and are considering NOT signing up, we understand your skepticism, considering how much junk is out there on the Internet. However, there is no more "tried and true", simple, and profitable trading method out there.

Just watch the videos - they are dirt simple and show you exactly how you will profit week after week. Avoid regret, take part and start trading the news with OracleTrader right away!

P.P.S: If you're already a successful trader, this method will become your favorite because it's so simple, and it can easily double your overall success rate, if not more, but you have to act now, today!


OracleTrader  Forex Testimonial 1

OracleTrader  Forex Testimonial 1

OracleTrader  Forex Testimonial 1

OracleTrader  Forex Testimonial 1

OracleTrader  Forex Testimonial 1

OracleTrader  Forex Testimonial 1

OracleTrader  Forex Testimonial 1

OracleTrader  Forex Testimonial 1





U.S. Government Required Disclaimer - Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.

Clearly understand this: Information contained within this course is not an invitation to trade any specific investments. Trading requires risking money in pursuit of future gain. That is your decision. Do not risk any money you cannot afford to lose. This document does not take into account your own individual financial and personal circumstances. It is intended for educational purposes only and NOT as individual investment advice. Do not act on this without advice from your investment professional, who will verify what is suitable for your particular needs & circumstances. Failure to seek detailed professional personally tailored advice prior to acting could lead to you acting contrary to your own best interests & could lead to losses of capital.